One of our past juniors showing great style

Advice for New Shooters

New Shooters:  All new shooters are very welcome.  We suggest that you avail yourself of up to three Come and Try sessions to get a feel for the sport.  These are held on most Saturdays between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.  You will be looked after by a competent Level 1 (Club Coach) or an experienced member of the committee and all equipment will be supplied.  Remember to wear closed in shoes, no camo clothing, singlets or crop tops.  A hat or cap is recommended as per our Club Sun Safe Policy.  Your coach or instructor will be only too pleased to answer any questions you have about the club, club facilities or shooting disciplines.

The Next Step:  If you think you would enjoy clay target shooting, the next step is to get a Firearms Safety Certificate.  This certificate is a mandated first step in getting a Firearms Licence.  These courses are held regularly at our club or Southport.  The registered provider of this service can be contacted through any club member at the sign-in area.  The course requires competency in knowing safety procedures and practical demonstration of skills required to own and use a firearm safely.  New shooters can obtain a Category A licence for a shotgun/rimfire and/or a Category B licence for a centrefire rifle.  Ask to be included in the next course at Gold Coast Clay Target Club when you sign in.

Next:  Once you have a Firearms Safety Certificate, you can join our club and one of our affiliated bodies Sporting Clay Australia (SCA) or Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) as this is usually required for your reason to own a firearm.  There are a number of options available to new shooters and we suggest you talk with the Range Officer on duty at the club for assistance.  After joining you can apply for a Firearms Licence.

Next:  Most importantly we suggest that you do NOT go out and purchase a firearm at this stage.   We suggest that you try a number of our loan firearms to find one that suits you and your chosen discipline/s.  The process to obtain your first Firearms Licence can take up to nine months.  Use this time to shoot at a reduced rate now you are a club member, to shoot and try different firearms while under the supervision of an instructor.  Ask plenty of questions no matter how simple you think they are.  There is a lot to learn and club members are ready and able to help.

Once you get your Firearms Licence you can apply for a Permit To Acquire (PTA) and purchase a suitable shotgun of your own.