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Gold Coast Clay Target Club

Clay target shooting is a challenging and satisfying sport that can be enjoyed by men, women and youngsters of all skill levels.

A range of different shooting disciplines is available at the Gold Coast Clay Target Club and shooters may participate at all levels:
* Competition shooting for championship titles & prizes
* Socially or for recreation
* Simply for fun.

The three major clay target shooting disciplines are available at the Gold Coast Clay Target Club. Trap (or DTL), Skeet and Sporting are shot at regular monthly competitions and are all also available at weekly practice.

Club Facilities:
The Gold Coast club is a family oriented club. We have a comfortable club house with full catering kitchen, bar facilities and a large capacity dining area. We offer free camping to all shooters and visitors with powered sites, hot showers and amenities. We welcome disabled competitors and have disabled access to all layouts and amenities. Our wide verandahs are well suited to spectators or diners, and we also have a large capacity car park.

General practice is available every Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 5pm with the exception of 2 day carnival weekends.

Note: Trench practice is 'only' available on Saturday's from 10am to 1pm.

For novice shooters and beginners we have a range of club guns for hire, with a dedicated layout and club coach available every Saturday between 1pm & 5pm (except 2 day carnival weekends) to familiarise you with our sport.

Corporate Bookings:
Our facilities are well suited to corporate events and we cater for small or large group bookings. Favourite events include buck's & hen's parties, birthday parties, business groups & sporting clubs. Catering is also available - advance bookings are essential.

The President & Committee of the Gold Coast Clay Target Club would like to welcome all members, friends, visitors and their families to the club.




ISSF TRAP Commonwealth Team and Individual competitor training will be available from April 7th-13th between 8.00am & 4.45pm.

For booking enquiries please contact Warren Corby on 0488 581 713 or 0400 565 837

email: wcorby@wacokwikform.com.au

Ammunition is available at the club



2018 Membership Renewal

2018 New Membership

2018 DTL Monthly Event Program

What's On
Sun, 18th March 2018 9:00am
Sun, 20th May 2018 9:00am
Sun, 17th June 2018 9:00am
Skeet SEZ 2 day Carnival
Sat, 14th April 2018 9:00am
Sun, 15th April 2018 9:00am
Sun, 4th March 2018 9:00am
Sun, 1st April 2018 9:00am
Sun, 6th May 2018 9:00am
Sporting Annual 2 day Carnival
Sat, 30th June 2018 9:00am
Sun, 1st July 2018 9:00am
Night Trap
Wed, 7th March 2018 7:00pm
Wed, 4th April 2018 7:00pm
Wed, 2nd May 2018 7:00pm
Sun, 11th March 2018 9:00am
Sun, 8th April 2018 9:00am
Sun, 13th May 2018 9:00am
Trap 2 day August Carnival
Sat, 11th August 2018 9:00am
Sun, 12th August 2018 9:00am
Sun, 25th February 2018 9:00am
Sun, 25th March 2018 9:00am
Sun, 22nd April 2018 9:00am
Christmas Party 2018
Sun, 9th December 2018 9:00am
Pan Pacific Masters Games November
Thu, 8th November 2018 9:00am
Fri, 9th November 2018 9:00am
Sat, 10th November 2018 9:00am